Version Update: BETA Version

A new version,, has been released to the BETA and Alternate BETA versions of List Perfectly. If you have the BETA version installed now, your version may automatically update. Click below to remove and install the most updated version.


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Updates include:

  • Shopify – Fix for crossposting MSRP greater than $999
  • Shopify – Fix for description spacing issue for products originated on Shopify.
  • eBay – Fix for size crossposting when size is not a required field
  • eBay – crossposting from eBay restored in this BETA
  • Depop – Update to size field crossposting
  • Etsy – Fix for crossposting custom footer
  • Etsy – crossposting from Etsy to eBay fix for images not uploading
  • Poshmark – Crossposting icons removed from sold listings
  • List Perfectly – Update to Start and Stop selecting buttons on catalog view
  • List Perfectly – Language updates
  • List Perfectly – Update to custom footers
  • Other misc fixes due to changes