A new version, has been released to the Beta version of List Perfectly.

If you have the Beta version installed now, your version may automatically update.


  • eBay – Update for unique issue where listings with condition would stall out on the condition menu.
  • eBay – Update for listings interrupting on eBay’s “prelist” screen during the crosspost to eBay.
  • eBay – Update for new image manager and alternate image upload setting
  • eBay – Update for specific listings not copying to vintage category
  • eBay – Update for domain issue
  • eBay – Update for where eBay’s UPC window would remain open after copying
  • eBay – Update for issue where select categories with UPC fields would stall out when opening the UPC menu
  • Vestiaire – Update for images not copying from Vestiaire.
  • Instagram – removed copy buttons from instagram posts
  • Facebook – Update for unique issues where details are not copying from FB in bulk.
  • Depop – support for 8 images copying to and from Depop
  • Shopify – Update for issue where ending listings in bulk was interrupted

Known issues in this version:

  • eBay – Potential known issue with this new update where the description is not copying or being recognized on eBay. If you notice an issue, please click into the description box and then click off the description box.
  • Sales detection known issues 
    • eBay accounts that do not have access to Seller Hub is not currently supported to gather sales information. – If you would like to use Order detection and do not have Seller Hub, you can visit here to opt into Seller Hub – https://www.ebay.com/sh/ovw
    • Orders with multi quantity or bundled orders may not be detected as being linked to your LP catalog.
    • Unique shop names with special characters may not link properly.
  • Update Feature:
    • Shopify – The update feature is currently not working on Shopify.
    • If you find any additional issues please let us know

Click below to remove and install the most updated version.

With recent updates to List Perfectly we strongly recommend completely clearing your cache for all time when adding a new version.

  • Google Chrome – Clear your cache by selecting the 3 dots at the top right → choose more tools → clear browsing data → clear cache ONLY for all time.
  • Microsoft Edge – Clear your cache by selecting the 3 dots at the top right → choose history → choose the 3 dots that display →  clear browsing data → clear cache ONLY for all time.
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