We’re in the process of updating all of our help videos, and just added two new videos we highly recommend everyone watch even if you’ve been with LP since the beginning.

Please click on “Help & News” in the LP menu, then “Help Docs”.  You’ll find the videos at the top of the page.

The first video you’ll see is 3 minutes showing:

  • How to use our Express cross poster,
  • How to use Copy to List Perfectly to cross post

The second is a 6.5 minute video showing:

  • How LP is built to work with open listing windows so you can edit existing listings,
  • How to save time listing by using a Sell Similar or Copy listing window,
  • How to troubleshoot when copy doesn’t work because there is an open listing window somewhere

We’ve also added a new video on how to update your List Perfectly extension with all the information you need to get the old removed and the new installed.  Watch it by clicking here: https://app.listperfectly.com/beta/#watch

We’ve made it easier to get support and share the issue you’re having by recording your screen in List Perfectly.  Sending us a video is the best way to help us diagnose and fix your issue fast, so we highly recommend it.

In the top menu under “Help & News” you’ll see a new link “Send a help request”

Select your reason for requesting help in the drop down, tell us about the issue you’re having, optionally include screenshots and then submit.


If your reason is “A tech issue, something isn’t working”, after submitting the request form you’ll have the option to record a video of what’s happening in your screen.

After you submit your request, you can now return to this same page to view the status and response by our support team.  We’ll let you know if we’ve sent an email and you can also read our update right from that screen


Recording your screen

Follow the steps above to send a technical issue ticket.  When you get to the screen recorder, scroll down and watch the 2 minute instructional video first to use, otherwise we may not get your video.

Google chrome released an important update today that fixes a vulnerability in the browser (not the LP extension but the browser itself).

We are strongly recommending everyone follow these steps to update Google Chrome browser  to the current version 78.0.3904.87

  • Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of Chrome browser
  • Click “Help”
  • Click “About Google Chrome”

In the next page check that your version is at least 78.0.3904.87, if not see if there is an option you can select to check for updates and then re-launch your browser.  Screenshot below:



We’ve been hearing a few users have not been automatically updated with the newest version of LP software and may still be running an older version.

If everything is still working ok then you can continue as is, but you might be missing out on many new features and most likely listing to Mercari won’t work with the older version.

To check please click “Help & News” from the top menu, then select “Versions & Beta”  or just click here

In the Versions page you’ll find our newest beta releases as well as what version we’re currently running along with instructions.  Please follow the instructions to check your current version, and if it’s out dated you can upgrade.

As always if you need any help please click on “Help & News” then “Help Docs” to get to our help menu.  Contact us by scrolling to the bottom of that page and click “How can we help?”

The List Perfectly webinar from Sunday October 13th is now available to watch on Youtube!

It’s bookmarked so you can find the topic you want to see quickly!

Simply click “Show More” as circled in the image below:


Click here to watch!

**Webinar best viewed directly on youtube where the minute links below are clickable**

Intro and how List Perfectly is different
0:51 – Why we started List Perfectly
2:47 – What makes us different from other solutions
45:15 – How filling in item specifics and attributes directly on selling channels is really important, especially on eBay
49:17 – Why creating a professional looking description using LP will help you sell more.
LP is compatible with any category you sell in

Copying Existing Listings
4:16 – Crossposting and Listing brief overview
5:40 – Quick overview of what you’ll see after installing LP software
6:57 – Demo of Express cross-poster
9:04 – Use List Perfectly listing management by copying items to LP first
24:48 – Q&A Where can LP copy from and Limitations
1:11:50 – Must be logged in first to all sites to cross post

Editing and Creating listings on LP (Pro plan shown)
10:30 – Click edit button on View screen
10:35 – Change order of pictures
11:00 – Build your title to optimize first 40 characters by using Show all Titles button
12:45 – Build descriptions to optimize first 500 characters
13:33 – Q&A Visual title guide
43:04 – List first on LP, AI of selling channels will make listing even faster this way, and important info on eBay item Specifics
51:03 – Q&A Scheduling listings to start at a specific time not available and why

Cross-posting from LP
16:25 – How LP can work with any listing window, sell similar, draft, or new listing
18:05 – Must be in the View screen to cross post
21:25 – Q&A cross-post to multiple places at once
23:15 – Cross posting from LP to Tradesy
41:00 – Q&A Adjusting pricing or other details by channel

Inventory Management and Product Catalog
19:27 – Q&A can LP adjust quantity when something sells
20:19 – Use LP links to manage inventory
30:00 – Q&A Will LP automatically end listings when they sell
32:55 – Q&A using Express cross-poster will not manage inventory, but using LP Product Catalog will
53:03 – Q&A adding more products to your product catalog limits
56:40 – Q&A if using the Product Catalog your items will be stored indefinitely as long as they’re not deleted
1:07:52 – Q&A Sold listings are part of the product catalog limits
1:09:43 – Download listings to CSV available for Business and Pro subscriptions

26:00 – Create listings on LP first for best image quality
38:10 – Q&A List Perfectly does not resize shapes of images, we recommend taking all in square shape
58:57 – How to upload images on LP

Description Developer – Available in Pro Plan
57:54 – Create a listing with a description that’s professionally formatted, the reason we created LP!
1:03:48 – will work with any category
1:04:10 – Use emojis or normal dots for bullet points in your description
1:04:36 – Customization of descriptions available
1:22:44 – Customization cost will depend on what’s needed

1:04:56 – Create a template from a listing

Membership, Troubleshooting, Tech support and Other
40:00 – Q&A As of 10/14/2019 LP has a 3 day or 20 cross-postings (whichever comes first) money back guarantee, subject to change.
52:28 – Adding other selling channels, more coming soon
54:55 – Upgrading or downgrading subscription
1:07:16 – Q&A how to use Sizely with LP
1:12:12 – Clearing “Wait” from LP copy buttons when copy doesn’t work
1:12:31 – Clearing “Login” message from LP buttons
1:14:00 – Conflicts with other extensions and LP
1:16:56 – Send your help request through our Help menu, click “How can we help?”
1:17:31 – News section added to site, find it under “Help & News” in the main menu.
1:20:26 – Join our Facebook group as well by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/listperfectly



Major updates have been released for everyone.  

If you are showing “Login” on the extension or on the copy buttons, please log out of List Perfectly, log back in and refresh all your pages to see the changes!

Watch the video or scroll down for highlights!


Here are just some of the updates that were made:

Login notifications now given in the extension and also on the Copy buttons

If the extension is recently installed or updated and it doesn’t detect you are logged into LP, you’ll see Login on both the extension and where the Copy to ListPerfectly buttons should be.  Simply log out of List Perfectly, log back in and refresh your pages.

Express Cross-Posting added for all channels

Now you’ll see a button on each of your listings that says “Copy to…”

Click it and select where you want to copy to, without importing into List Perfectly first. Great for anyone not using List Perfectly’s catalog services to keep track of where listings have been posted and for using the Sold button when they end.

Copy To ListPerfectly is now available on every channel!

Prior to this we only supported copying from ebay and Poshmark. You can now copy listings to/from all 5 channels we offer including Mercari and Etsy.

Tradesy integration (still in beta) released – we need your feedback!

The video above shows categories selected automatically, however this has been fixed.  Once you select your category on Tradesy, the rest of the listing details will start to be added. Wait for photos to upload, then you will see all details of your item added.

Note we are making images imported from Mercari or Poshmark at least the size Tradesy requires, so if your images don’t look crisp or clear you’ll want to consider uploading them to List Perfectly first and then cross posting from our site

Lastly, you might see   on the Tradesy description.  If you do, please let us know

Watch the video above for more information!

Since we launched List Perfectly, we’ve been hearing many requests for a simple way to get existing listings from one selling channel to the other without having to copy to LP first.

Today we’re excited to launch our new beta version that does just that!

Get the beta by clicking here: https://app.listperfectly.com/beta/

What’s new

We’ve added a new button to all your listings:

When clicked, you’ll now be shown options for where you’d like to send your listings.  Simply select the option you need and your listings will start the copying process!



Important notes:

If you’re using List Perfectly to manage your listings or keep track of where they’ve been cross posted to, these features are not included with express cross-posting.  In this case you’d still want to use the “Copy to List Perfectly” button to copy your listing into LP first
Get the beta by clicking here: https://app.listperfectly.com/beta/

Hey everyone!

We’re working hard daily to deliver improvements you’ve been asking for.  Today’s beta release is really important because it addresses some issues people were having as well as adds some highly requested features.

Scroll all the way down to watch the video!

Get the beta by clicking here

What’s new:

  • Prompt for login.  Many people were confused because the “Copy to LP” button was hidden unless logged into LP.  Now, the extension lets you know if logged in or not with a button that goes directly to our login page
  • Copy to LP buttons added to Etsy and Mercari!  Now, you can copy your existing listings from these sites into LP and send them anywhere
  • Other fixes for Mercari, let us know if Mercari works any better for you with this release!

Get the beta by clicking here

If you are getting the grayed out List button on Mercari (rather than orange, see screenshot) then you’ll want to remove the LP extension you currently have and install the Beta version.


You’ll find the beta and instructions here: https://app.listperfectly.com/beta/


If you have the Beta version but are still having the grayed out button, it’s most likely because:

  • Your version number is not at least 0.8.4.  If so, you’ll still want to remove and add the updated beta from the link above.  You can find the version by right-clicking the List Perfectly extension in the upper right corner of your browser and select “Manage Extensions”.  The next window will show the current version number.
  • Something in the Mercari form is not completely filled out.  Many people are missing something on Mercari’s listing form, so be certain to check every required field.


As many of you know, Mercari changed their listing page and we’ve been working for days on this.

Normally when we have a fix we’d push the update to everyone, however Mercari is still showing the old listing form to many people and we want to be certain our extension will still work for everyone.


We had a bug where limits were not being placed on the catalog for the subscription purchased.  So rather than surprising those over the limit with a bill at the end of the month, we implemented a fix so catalogs can no longer go over the limit.

To avoid service interruption either delete listings you do not want to keep on LP or upgrade your subscription.  Note, there’s no need to upgrade if you’re below your catalog limits.

If you don’t know what your plan limit is or have any issues click here

How to delete your listings faster: Hold down Control key (PC) or Option key (Mac) while clicking Delete to delete listings faster.

How to upgrade your catalog:  Go to “Account” then “Subscription”.  Your current subscription will be displayed. Click “Change Plan” and select the option that works for the number of items you have in your catalog as shown.



Scroll down for updated info

Mercari changed their listing form resulting in a grayed out List button after copying a product from LP.  As a result we’ve been working for 2 days to make updates so that Mercari continued to work.  We had a few unintentional outages in the process lasting for around 5 minutes each between Friday and Saturday.

An update has been completed on our platform as well as a new updated beta version of the extension that fixes the grayed out List button on Mercari.

It also includes a very basic integration for Tradesy which is still untested and in development.  For example, you need to be sure to change the category (we’re automatically selecting dresses, so you’ll need to update this) before submitting your item.

You can find the new beta version 0.7.3 here: https://app.listperfectly.com/beta/


***UPDATE 9/19: Mercari is switching when the old and new listing form is displayed randomly, so we have been working on a fix so that the Beta extension will automatically work for either form.  The update should be available by tomorrow afternoon 9/20/19.

We’re doing additional maintenance tonight, Monday September 16th from 9pm-6am PST.

We’re starting 2 hours earlier than originally scheduled so we can have enough time to get everything done and get back online as quickly as possible.  The site may go up and down without warning during this time period so be prepared!

Thanks for your understanding!

In this new section of List Perfectly we’ll share our development notes, upcoming maintenance schedules and anything else related to LP!

To make room for it, we moved our help docs under the menu heading “Help & News.”

As always, if you need to get in touch please go to Help, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “How can we help?”

Stay tuned!