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Listing Party Rules

  1. Disclaimer –
    Listing Party is meant to be a way for sellers to connect with each other. That said, Listing Party will not be involved in ANY agreements between two parties. Listing Party will not be involved with any terms or payments.
  2. No promoting –
    No promotion of any other services that may offer crossposting or consignment services. 
  3. Communication –
    When communicating with other members, be professional and polite. No offensive or inappropriate language, expectations, demands, etc will be tolerated.
  4. Be clear and transparent –
    Be clear and transparent when creating your profile and offering services that others may be interested in or when you are engaging with others that you may hire to work with you.

  5. Nothing inappropriate –
    The goal is to be uplifting and positive, therefore negativity or discussions about politics, religion, etc are not allowed.
    Do not use any inappropriate, foul, racist, etc language on your profile or when engaging with any other Listing Party members.

    Do not post pictures, listings, or text related to adult categories or themes. Bashing and bullying will not be tolerated in any fashion. 

Violating these rules may result in you being escorted out of the party.



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