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View Listing Party member listings to review, gain inspiration, source and more!

  • Copying your listings to Listing Party:
    • Business and Pro members can copy listings right from your List Perfectly catalog to Listing Party.
    • Select the crossposting icon(s) for listing(s) you wish to copy to Listing Party → choose the Listing Party icon → choose copy. Thant’s it! Your listings will now display on Listing Party.


  • Removing your listings from Listing Party:
    • You can remove listings from Listing Party by using “end listing” from your List Perfectly catalog or by manually deselecting the Listing Party status in your LP Listing.
    • Manually deselecting Listing Party from your listing can be done via the edit listing screen OR from express editor.


  • Viewing Listings:
    • You can browse Listing Party member listings or view specific member listings by selecting to view listings from their specific profile.
    • On the listings page you will notice “For Sale” and “Sold” statuses, price, photo, title, and marketplace availability.
    • Select a marketplace icon to view the live listing on that marketplace.


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